Frequently Asked Questions

How much is it going to cost?

You usually have several options for the problem you come in with, and costs are given for each of these. A consultation starts from as little as $68. You are given a breakdown of each option verbally and on a written estimate for you to take home.

Is it going to be painful?

We use a special cream to numb the gum before any injections are given. Our focus is on giving the gentlest dentistry possible.

Can I pay it off?

We operate a pay on the day policy, or you can set up an automatic payment (AP) to credit your dental account - e.g. you can put $50-100+ in weekly/fortnightly, and then once you have say $200 in your account, your treatment can begin.

Do you have any after-hours appointments?

No, sorry!

Do you treat all children?

We can see any child of any age in an emergency, or if they have been referred by their Dental Nurse. Once a child is in Year 9 (approximately age 13), they can see us on a yearly basis for free dental treatment until they turn 18.

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