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Frequently Asked Questions

How much is it going to cost?

You usually have several options for the problem you come in with, and costs are given for each of these. A consultation starts from as little as $79 and a small x-ray is $29. Sometimes a panoramic x-ray is required which is an additional $99.

If you are eligible for a WINZ quote, we provide the initial visit at no charge. It is best to book an appointment with your WINZ provider to be given the best chance of success for an approved quote.

The treatment costs can vary significantly, and you will be given options for the cheapest option (usually a short-term solution), a middle-priced option (medium-term solution) and most expensive option (the longest-lasting solution). You are given a breakdown of each option verbally and on a printed estimate for you to take home. See our prices page for more details.

Is it going to be painful?

We use a special gel to numb the gum before any injections are given. Our focus is on giving the gentlest dentistry possible. We can stop at any time for breaks during the appointment.

Can I pay it off?

We operate a pay on the day policy, or you can set up an automatic payment (AP) to credit your dental account - e.g. you can put $50-100+ in weekly/fortnightly, and then once you have say $200 in your account, your treatment can begin.

We accept cash, eftpos, VISA, Mastercard and with a Q-card you can get 3 months interest-free.

Do you have any after-hours appointments?

No, sorry! If you have dental pain after hours, please see our toothache page for more information for pain relief and the weekend emergency dental clinic phone number.

Do you treat children?

As there is high demand for children's dental services in New Zealand, we can only register new child patients under the age of 18 as a family unit which must include parents or caregivers.

Once a family is registered, and the child is in Year 9 (approximately age 13) or later, they can see us on a yearly basis for free dental treatment until they turn 18. This includes a checkup, x-rays, and any treatment such as a clean, fillings, fissure sealants, fluoride varnish applications, extractions. 

How often should I visit the dentist?

Patients are assessed by our dentists if they are of low, medium or high risk in having a dental problem within a year cycle. Depending on your lifestyle, food choices, how often you eat during the day, if you drink fizzy drinks, if you smoke, if you are on multiple medications causing a dry mouth, daily sugar content, and the amount of decay, gum disease or how heavily filled your teeth are; these factors are used to identify how often you should be seen.

A low risk patient would be seen annually. They are unlikely to require dental treatment during that year, other than a maintenance hygienist visit 6 months after their dental checkup.

A patient with gum disease is seen either 4 or 6 monthly by our hygienist, and if they have no tooth problems, they would see their dentist annually.

A higher risk patient is seen every 6 months to ensure no/limited progression of dental decay, or if they have multiple teeth under close watch that may decay or break, or they have gum disease.

No two patients are the same, but good home care regimes, such as daily brushing with a fluoridated toothpaste, flossing and using interdental brushes (if you have gum disease), can significantly improve your dental health, and reduce your chance of having a dental problem.

I had my first visit at Garden Dental today on recommendation from a friend. Fi made me feel very welcome and is super friendly and caring with a very down-to-earth yet professional manner. I felt quickly at ease which is just what you want when you visit the Dentist. Everyone at Gardens was in fact wonderful and friendly. I'm very happy and will definitely will be coming back :-) thanks again!!
Natalie Thompson  
I can not recomend Fiona and Vicki enough. Have always dreaded going to the dentist until these guys. Cannot stress how easy they made each appointment, they give the good drugs so you dont feel a thing. They are also lovely and friendly and always great at making you laugh. seriously cant recomend them enough : )
Ali Uden  
I have never felt so relaxed or happy about going to the dentist. Fi and Vicky are incredible and make me feel so at ease. I really wouldn’t go anywhere else!!
Sian Casserly  
What an absolutely refreshing change to go to a dentist and come out after an amazing, painless process. Have not regretted changing to Fiona and her team.
Steve Bolt  
One of the best dental experiences to date. Fi was fun and lighthearted which made for a pleasant appointment. Super gentle and checked in with me often to make sure I was ok. Can’t recommend her and her skills enough!!
Kristy Whitchelo  
Fi and Vicki you are honestly such a fantastic dental team. I have been visiting for many years now and can not speak any more highly of you both. You make my visits feel so relaxed that it doesn't feel like you are even at the dentist. Thank you girls for always looking after me, you are the best
Louise Fox  
Just recently had a cleaning & cavity filled by the lovely Fi from Gardens Dental. She is amazing and works wonders not only on your teeth but also to ensure you are comfortable and at ease during your time with her! Would highly recommend her to anyone needing a local dentist!
Jess Lowcher  
First review because I just wanted to say Fi and Vicky are honestly the scared of dentists but they have made it the best experience ever. Very gentle, zero pain for multiple complicated procedures and don’t make you feel bad about not going to the dentist for ages ..they are super cool!
David Weaver  
Fiona is great to deal with and goes the extra mile, even ringing you in the evening to check that all is well. She is highly professional and a breath of fresh air. A thoroughly honest and approachable dentist.
Jez Rogers  
I had extensive work done on my lower teeth and a new top denture made. It was almost a fun experience.
Fi & Vicki are a great team, and their constant banter helped me to relax. They did so much to improve my smile and my self confidence. I highly recommend them both.
Helen Roberts