Sensitive teeth

A sharp, intense shooting pain is often the telltale sign of sensitive teeth. Sensitivity is commonly triggered by hot, cold, sweet or acidic food or drinks.

Sometimes, simply breathing in cold air with your mouth open is enough to cause pain. In some people the pain can last a few minutes, or even hours, while in others it passes quickly. The longer the pain lasts the more likely it is that a serious problem exists, so any pain that last more than a few seconds should be checked by your dentist as soon as possible.


  • Sensitive to hot, cold or sweet
  • Pain last seconds or minutes

What it may need

Come for a consultation (from $68) to assess your condition. Initially we can try special sensitive-reducing toothpastes to rub into the teeth, ensure the correct toothbrushing technique is being used to avoid further problems and/or place white composite fillings on the sides of teeth from $160.

Hypersensitive Tooth

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